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Valencia City Center

  • Luxury homes and aparments to live in Valencia city center
    Porta de la Mar, at the entrance to the city center and Colon Street from the river.
  • Plaza de la Virgen. The heart of the historic district.
  • Beatiful gardens for a walk in the ancient course of the river.
  • Valencia offers art exhibitions, museums, theaters, cinemas, and a great night-life.
  • Living in Valencia
    The city has a good sharing-system for bycicles.
  • living valencia city center
    Calle de la Paz, in the evening. Going into the historic district.
  • Luxury shops at Poeta Querol Street.
  • luxury homes for sale and rent in Valencia
    Poeta Querol and Marqués de Dos Aguas Streets have some of the most exclusive luxury shops.

Valencia´s city center is a great place to live in if you love history, shops and lively cities. Prices are high but you find good quality and comfortable homes. In Valencia’s city center there is the “Ensanche”. It’s a neighborhood built in the early years of the 20th century. The buildings and the streets have the style of these time burgeoisie quarters.

You find also the most commercial area, Colon Street and high level shops at Poeta Querol. Both in the Ensanche and Colón Street there are historic and ancient buildings together with very exclusive and modern architectural design edifices.

The center also includes Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Townhall, and the Estación del Norte, Railway Station. These areas have a different style but they are also very commercial and lively.