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Los Monasterios, Alfinach y Monte Picayo, and in general all the resorts around Sierra Calderona, in Puzol, Valencia, are one of the most attractive areas to invest in real estate right now.

They have a great offer in villas, chalets and detached and semi detached homes, uniques for its special characteristics. The rental market is also in a good situation right now.

Since the year 2009, when the economic crash was stronger, especially in the Autonomous Region of Valencia, the prices are lower and lower each time. Experts claim that prices are now at their best positions for investors.

Los Monasterios, in Puzol. Swimming pools in the social club.

Los Monasterios, in Puzol. Swimming pools in the social club.

Los Monasterios y Alfinach, in Puzol, are high standing resorts. They have the most modern complexes, with exclusive swimming pools, and sports areas surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The nice climate in the Mediterranean registers an annual average temperature above 17ºC or more. Summer is hot and during the winter  the temperature is usually above 10 ºC.

Los Monasterios and Alfinach are located 20 kilometers from the city of Valencia. They have direct access to the highway A-7 and to the by-pass. In Puzol there is Renfe’s station with trains to Valencia and Castellón. In  Massamagrell, very close to Puzol, you can take the subway to the city center of Valencia.

You also have the best bilingual colleges in Valencia: English Caxton College, Hispano Norteamericano College. And Alfinach College. Puzol has all facilities such as supermarkets and banks.

The Sierra Calderona is located 5 kilometres away from Puzol beach, and  20 of those of Canet and Sagunto, of great quality. Monte Picayo, in Sagunto, offers similar characteristics, adding the charming of living in the very mountain, in the hillside of the mount that gives  the name to the area, Monte Picayo.

According to Idealista News, the prices for real estate in Spain are really low, right now. So, as experts say, this is a very good moment for investments opportunities in real estate in Valencia.


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